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What is DDSAlert?

DDSAlert is a free service that helps dental professionals identify job openings in specific geographic areas:

  • Step 1: Create a Profile.
  • Step 2: Specify Geographic Preferences (Cities, States, or Regions).
  • Step 3: Profile is sent to employers in your geographic preferences.
  • Step 4: Employers contact you about their jobs.

Don't have time to register? E-mail your CV to and tell us your geographic preferences. Specify cities, states or regions. Our team will do the rest of the work.

Looking to hire a dental professional? Start receiving profiles today: (866) 772-2590

Why DDSAlert?

  • DDSAlert puts You in Control - There are too many great jobs that you don't know about.
  • 90% of Job Openings are Never Posted Online - Employers simply cannot afford to post most of their open jobs.
  • 5,574 Hospitals and 108,638 Clinics - There are too many employers to contact on your own.
  • No Recruiting Firms - Only hear from in-house recruiters and administrators from the employer's organization.
  • Find Practices in Any Specialty - You can choose any specialty when you create your profile.
  • Confidential Search (Optional) - The minimum requirements are an e-mail, specialty, and geographic preferences.

Physician Job Hunting Tips

PracticeAlert is committed to helping physicians and advance practitioners find the practices that they are looking for. We have a job hunting tips section to provide you with the tools you need to find the right practice.

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